everywhere in 2022

Happy New Year!! Another year over and a lot of books read.

Admittedly I didn’t do too well on my only big goal for 2022 which was to get my Netgalley percentage to 70%, I’m still working on that, I just need there to be less new interesting books so that I can stop requesting them. I did manage my reading goal this year of 60 books, by the skin of my teeth but I still made it. Before I get to my new goals for this year we’ll have a little look at what I have been reading this year.

To start off this post I am going to share my ten favourites from the year, it was a tough choice as always but in no particular order they are…

Our Crooked Hearts | Melissa Albert

Book Lovers | Emily Henry

Daisy On The Outer Line | Ross Sayers

The Idea of You | Robinne Lee

Slay | Brittney Morris

The Sweetest Oblivion | Danielle Lori
To be honest all the books in this series have been great.

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder | Holly Jackson

Windswept and Interesting | Billy Connolly

The Kiss Thief | L.J. Shen

Ruin and Rising | Leigh Bardugo
Again the whole trilogy is fantastic.

Back at the end of June I did a mid year check in because this year I decided to look a little deeper into what I was reading, so that I could maybe start making some more varied choices in my book selection. Plus you know it means I get to make a graph and who doesn’t enjoy that…

My reading habits tended to veer more toward women writers which made up 85% of the total, I had thought about reading more Scottish authors this year but they ended up making up 12% of the books I read.

Well I was hoping for more consistency from month to month but that clearly didn’t happen, due to getting a lot of uninterrupted reading time on my holiday I had a bit of a bumper month in August but hopefully next year it can look a little more consistent throughout the year.

I was quite surprised about there being more in the standalone in the mid year post because I do love a series but the trend has stayed strong and there is even more of a difference as the year draws to a close.

Well it seems that the columns between adult and YA didn’t even out as I had thought they might instead adult books were the clear winner, I do feel a little bad that I didn’t even get one MG book this year but maybe next year.

Since I am trying to up my Netgalley percentage I had hoped that I would have managed more ARC’s this year but at least they aren’t as far apart as they were at the mid point so I’ll take that achievement.

Well this looks vastly different to the mid point, physical books has shot up and is looking very even with eBooks and audio is not nearly as high as I thought it would be. Hopefully it will even out a bit more next year, but you never know.

I count backlist as if I read it more than 6 months after it published, I’m glad that backlist is still the higher column but hopefully it will be more of a pronounced difference next year, or I get better at not buying and requesting new books.

Whilst it doesn’t look quite as varied at the end of the year, I clearly favour fantasy and romance, I am glad that there are still a good mix of genres on there and that I do try to get out my comfort zone every now and again.

Well all I can say is that I am glad that I haven’t read any books below a 2.5 and that the biggest sections are the higher ratings, I’m glad I am still picking good choices for me, long may that continue.

I always like to have a look and see what has been the most popular to my readers over the last year, I like that on occasion there are some posts from the archive that make it into the top ten and it’s always a bit of a surprise. The top ten posts that you have been enjoying this year include…

Mid year check in
20 books of summer 2022

as well as these reviews…

The Maddest Obsession | Danielle Lori

The Sweetest Oblivion | Danielle Lori

Bound By Temptation | Cora Reilly

The Sound At The End | Kirsty Logan

The Lighthouse Witches | C.J. Cooke

The Magpie Society: One For Sorrow | Zoe Sugg & Amy McCulloch

The Darkest Temptation | Danielle Lori

The Idea of You | Robinne Lee

For 2023 I think I am going to set myself the goal of reading 65 books and I am going to be taking part in a reading challenge that I think will help with that.

I also would like to once again attempt to improve my Netgalley percentage maybe to the slightly more attainable 60% and any extra is just a bonus and hopefully this year just be a bit more consistent with my reading and posting.

I hope you have a happy year of reading and good luck if you’ve set any goals for this year.


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