U is for…Under the Stars

U was another difficult one for me but then inspiration struck. I was listening to my music thinking about what u related things I like; which isn’t many; when Under the Stars came on.  At Christmas my sister asked me to find some new Christmas songs to add into our usual playlist, and that is when I came across this song. To me it’s not typically Christmassy, which is why I’m still listening to it in April. The thing that really stands out for me though is that this is a duet of sorts…with actual stars! Scientists recorded the sounds of the vibrations of all sorts of stars and then John Legend put the song together with the stars as part of the composition. It may not be as obvious in the video of the live version but it is in the recorded one. I just thought the live video would be more interesting to look at.  The song was

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F is for…Film

Not the type that you go to the cinema to see, though I do like those as well, I’m talking about the type you load into a camera. I wrote a post a little while ago that summed up why I love working with analogue photography, so I wont repeat myself. What I will say though is that I love the traditional craft of photography because to me it feels like magic. You can take a photo in an instant these days, and then change it and edit it within minutes or hours depending on your medium and your outcome; this is the case for a lot of the pictures that I have put up for this challenge and on Instagram. Film though you have to work. You have to develop it, which if done the traditional way can take hours, if done by a machine is still a craft but a lot less time consuming. Then you either scan

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The three part foray – Part 1

It feels like a lifetime ago that Scorpio and myself went to Catalonia, it was only last month but I really feel the days are flying by with not much to show for them. Today I found the little camera I took with me on our journey, when I looked back at the pictures I was a little disappointed that I had taken so little. However the ones I did like were enough to trigger all the nice memories I have of our journey. The first day was a bit of a blur we got to Barcelona and found our apartment and at that point needed a nap, which meant that by the time we got going again it was getting late in the day, we still took a nice stroll and ended up in a jazz bar…the rest gets a bit fuzzy after that. The second day I think was my favourite it was glorious weather and even though

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