Book Review | Uprooted

Another book I read on holiday earlier this year, I don't know why it has taken me five months to write a review for this book, I'll have to stop putting these things off. This one will be another really quick review. - Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the… Continue reading Book Review | Uprooted

U is for…Under the Stars U was another difficult one for me but then inspiration struck. I was listening to my music thinking about what u related things I like; which isn't many; when Under the Stars came on.  At Christmas my sister asked me to find some new Christmas songs to add into our usual playlist, and that… Continue reading U is for…Under the Stars

F is for…Film

Not the type that you go to the cinema to see, though I do like those as well, I’m talking about the type you load into a camera. I wrote a post a little while ago that summed up why I love working with analogue photography, so I wont repeat myself. What I will say… Continue reading F is for…Film

The three part foray – Part 1

It feels like a lifetime ago that Scorpio and myself went to Catalonia, it was only last month but I really feel the days are flying by with not much to show for them. Today I found the little camera I took with me on our journey, when I looked back at the pictures I… Continue reading The three part foray – Part 1