everywhere in January

Nine book reviews!! In one month!! I feel like that must be some kind of goal for me, don’t hold me to that though. Of course, because there was so much bookishness going on there wasn’t room for much else, but I did manage…

My 2017 recap of the goings on of everywhere and nowhere

A little bit of flash fiction – A new destination

Books reviewed

Goodreads tells me I am 4 books ahead of schedule in my challenge to read 65 books which is cool.

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Recluse Millionaire


Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride

An easy reading romance, not my type of book but good for a mindless few hours.

3 triangle


on the bright side


On The Bright Side

The sequel to Hendrik Groen’s Secret Diary, it was wonderful to catch up with Henk and the Old-But-Not-Dead Club.

4 triangle

faking friends


Faking friends

A brilliant book about getting even, with a wonderfully deceptive storyline and great characters.

4.5 triangle


girl in the tower



The Girl in The Tower

The second book of the Winternight series, I love this series, and this book is more action-packed than the first. You must read it.

5 triangle

Appetitelow res



A thought-provoking and engaging novel, it has certainly given me pause over some of my habits.

4 triangle




The Soulweaver

An emotional and fascinating story about love and soulmates.

4 triangle


no ordinaryy


No Ordinary Girl

A very dark and grisly novella, not to my tastes as it was a bit too extreme but I think horror fans will like it.

3 triangle



Elements of Mischief

A steamy and fun reverse harem supernatural read that had lots of promise that I don’t think it lived up to but I couldn’t put it down.

3.5 triangle


shadow and bone


Shadow and Bone

An amazing fantasy with brilliant worldbuilding and characters, I’m so looking forward to getting the next one.

4.5 triangle


Coming up…

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