20 books of summer results

Well I definitely didn’t do as well with this as I would have liked. My original list for this challenge was to try and clear some of my Netgalley backlog, here is what I wanted to read…

about last nightlost for words31 days of wonder36 questions that changed my mind about youuncommon typebonfirecottingley secretdancing over the hillblue lightcolour of after

magicians liesacrifice boxbeginning of the worldhow to be humanfourth monkeyobsessionglorious hereciesa darker shade of magicdiabolicinnocents

Out of these I only managed to read the one, Dancing Over The Hill.

I mean that is a pretty good list and lots of those I think would make great summer reading but there were other tempting books out there and I ended up reading these books instead.

————-amid stars                                          punjabi widows

       Amid Stars And Darkness                      Erotic Stories For Punjabi Widows

——–believe me               vox                whistle in the dark

–             Believe Me                                   Vox                               Whistle In The Dark



So only 6 books managed out of 20 but to be fair I had committed myself to a good few blog tour books so I’ll be proud that I made it to 6. However I still need to work on clearing some of my Netgalley backlog so I’ll be sure next year to schedule fewer tours and hopefully I’ll get through some of it.

How did the rest of you do?


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