Alice #AtoZchallenge

Another dust storm. Just as she thought she was getting used to the heat and the fine layer of playa that clung to everything the dust storms started. She’d been warned by other Burners, so she had all the right equipment, but she was always taken by surprise at how quickly the vibrant life of Black Rock City was smothered. The sprawling makeshift city and structures made invisible and any chance of finding your way became almost impossible.

Shapes and shadows rippled around her as she continued on her way with no idea which path she was taking. She could hear muffled sounds but couldn’t pinpoint where from, at one point she could have sworn she heard singing but you’d have to be mad to take the cover from your face. Her footing was unsteady and she tripped over something she couldn’t see careening to the side and bumping into a large object, suddenly she was enveloped by a large covering and found herself in close quarters with three men, so rowdy in their song, they hadn’t noticed her.

‘Never a beginning, there can never be a stop.’

Two of them kept going but one of them was appraising her.

‘I say, where did you come from?’ He was wearing a very fancy purple suit, with a waistcoat and jacket, they were all wearing suits which in the desert heat was unusual but then as Alice had noticed over the last few days everyone liked unusual here.

‘Oh I’m sorry to intrude but I tripped and seemed to find myself here.’

‘That’s alright you’re just in time to join the party.’ The other two had stopped signing and were pulling flasks out of their pockets.

What a peculiar place to have a party.

‘Well actually I’m just trying to find my way…’

‘Where to?’ The one with the different shades of cerise through his suit asked.

“Do you know which way I ought to go…’

‘Well that depends on where you want to get to.’ His wide smile didn’t seem inviting, in fact, Alice was keen to get out of their makeshift moveable tent. She couldn’t think of anything polite to say as an excuse for leaving so she didn’t bother.

‘Well it’s been nice meeting you, goodbye.’

She turned and as she was heading back out into the dust she heard the man in the white and red suit call after her, ‘you’re beginning backwards, the first thing in a visit…’

She didn’t stick around and started to carefully make her way with no idea of where she was going.

Eventually another large shadow started to loom above her, as she cautiously made her way closer she could see the walls and wires of a marquee tent. Glad to find a place to shelter from the storm, she almost missed the sign searching for the door.


It was bright and glittery, she hadn’t heard of the camp before but that wasn’t surprising and anything was better than wandering aimlessly through the storm. Pulling the material aside only slightly to try and contain the amount of silt that came in at her heels, she was jolted forward as a hand had snaked out and was dragging her inside.

The person who had still had their hand curled around her arm was tall, even without the six-inch heels, and was peeled into a floor-length red sparkly dress, Alice barely had time to take in her surroundings before she was being chivvied along.

‘Quickly you don’t want to be late.’

Before she could even ask what she was supposed to be late for the diva continued, ‘I’m pretty sure this is your first time down this particular rabbit hole, just enjoy yourself and be sure not to lose your head.’

What have I let myself in for?


For this years A to Z challenge I am doing retellings based on Disney characters.

This post was inspired by Alice from Alice in Wonderland. You can find out more about my challenge here.


9 thoughts on “Alice #AtoZchallenge”

  1. I do enjoy retellings of Alice in Wonderland. It’s a guilty pleasure and this looks like the beginning of a unique spin on it. Will you continue building on it or will this be a standalone?

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