A to Z Challenge 2019 theme reveal

This will be my fourth year of doing the A to Z Challenge, I can’t believe it! I was a bit unsure of what I wanted to do this year, last year was photography but with another crafty project coming up I wanted to stay away from anything arty.

It was actually quite difficult to decide to be honest and I was struggling for inspiration, and then like a bolt out of the blue I knew what I was going to attempt.

This year I’m doing…

an A to Z of retellings.

In case you are not a regular reader here this year I am doing the Retellings Reading Challenge so I have been thinking about and looking into retellings and thought hey why not write some too. I am going to use Disney characters as my inspiration and create tales of between 500-1000 words…hopefully. I’m also going to try and include some lines from the films that the particular character features in, I might try for some other references too but don’t want to set myself up for failure.

I haven’t found all my characters yet so it’s going to be a little bit seat of my pants this year but I’ll keep positive that I can pull it off.

Anyone else taking the plunge with this challenge? Let me know what your theme is if you are.


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