Cruella #AtoZchallenge

The room is gloomy and although I can’t see it I just know that everything is probably covered in some sort of grime. Not that I’m expecting an interrogation room to look like a hotel suite but it would be nice not to feel like I’ll need a deep clean after being here.

The detective who has come through the door looks like he means business, but that doesn’t phase me I have nothing to tell him no matter how tough he acts.

The metal chair that he pulls out scraps like nails on a chalkboard. ‘Ms De Vil, thank you for coming down, there are just a few things that we need to clear up. Is there anything I can get you before we start?’

‘No I’m perfectly marvellous, let’s just get on with it shall we.’ It is maybe a bit more forward and rude than I was intending but I know where this conversation is headed and just want to get straight to the point.

‘Ok Ms De Vil…’

‘Ella, if you don’t mind.’

‘Ok, Ella, could you maybe just run through your version of events for Saturday night.’

‘It was miserable, as usual, perfectly retched, in fact, I don’t know why I even bothered to go. I’m not even close friends with any of them really, Horace and Jasper invited me, like they always do and I didn’t want to let them down. I did have a bit of an issue with some of the girls, nothing out of the ordinary, but it did put me in a bit of a mood so I went home. That’s it really.’

I was trying for my best casual voice hoping it will give me an air of innocence, he doesn’t look entirely convinced but I know that he probably doesn’t have much in the way of proof either.

‘Tell me more about the issue you had with the girls.’

This is all Queenie’s fault if she had just left that bloody coat in the closet then none of this would have happened. She did it just to wind me up, I could see the glint in her eye as she came down with it on and started telling Anita loud enough for everyone to hear that she had just been gifted a load of fur coats from her grandmother. In fact, I blame the grandmother too, just on principle.

‘There’s a new girl in our year, Penny, who is trying to make friends with Queenie and Anita, she overheard a conversation between myself and Queenie and picked up my name wrong, she then started using that name for me even though she realised she got it wrong because they found it funny and she wanted to fit in with them. It was annoying but I just avoided them and eventually they got bored of it.’

Admittedly it was really bad timing, I mean if Penny had walked in a minute later then I definitely wouldn’t have spent the whole night getting wound up.

‘So just to clarify there was no point that you went up into Queenie’s bedroom?’

I’m wondering how far I can take this lie before it starts to show.

‘No, I mean I don’t think so, I went upstairs to find a bathroom and had to open a few doors until I found one, but I didn’t spend time in any of the rooms.’

Hopefully, that rules me out in case anyone caught me on camera, I didn’t actually think about it until after the fact and then had to scroll through everyone’s vids hoping that I didn’t catch a glimpse of myself when I was supposed to be at home.

‘And you had told the officers that originally spoke to you that your parents saw you come in at about 10:30?’

‘Yeah they weren’t expecting me home that early but as I said I just wasn’t feeling the party and they were still awake when I got in, my dad has one of those recording sensor things when you get near the door, I’m sure he could give you the video if you really want it.’ This is, of course, my get out of jail free card, I knew that if she had the guts to point the finger at me that I would at least have that video as my back up.

‘Thank you that would be helpful, I just have one more question, can you think of anyone else at the party that might have wanted to start that fire?’

‘Honestly no.’

Because it was me. As he thanks me again and tells me I can leave I have to try to stop the satisfied smile from appearing across my face. It’s only when I’m outside the building that I let it creep into my cheeks, just a little, I have to really restrain the happy dance though, wouldn’t do that anywhere but the privacy of my own bedroom.

Queenie will hate that she doesn’t know who started it, I knew she would point the finger at me, but I also know that she can’t prove it and the question mark will always drive her mad. It really is her own fault though, she knows how I feel about real fur coats and she still flaunted it in my face. Then when she started having a go at me, said ‘Why is it that with you it always comes back to being cruel Ella?’ she didn’t correct Penny when she thought my name was Cruella, and suddenly got everyone to call me that, even Horace and Jasper. I suppose it’s not particularly offensive but it kind of implies that I’m the cruel one and the more everyone said it the more wound up I got.

I did storm off home, that was not a lie, however on the way home I was getting angrier and angrier by the second, so I like animals and don’t believe that they should be used unnecessarily does that mean I have to be ridiculed. It was quite easy to sneak back out through my window, easier still to sneak back into the party without anyone noticing.

They were such perfectly beautiful coats, or they would have been if they were still on the animals, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to touch them in their current incarnation but I decided that it would almost be like setting them free if I tossed them into a fire.

At least I was sensible about it, I put them in a large metal can before I set them alight, just so that no one else would get hurt.

I’m not that cruel.


For this years A to Z challenge I am doing retellings based on Disney characters.

This post was inspired by Cruella from 101 Dalmations. You can find out more about my challenge here.

A to Z Challenge 2019

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