everywhere in February & March

I seemed to have skipped last month’s round-up, I have no idea why, so today is a look at what I have been reading over the last couple of months.

February’s Reads

one of us is lying

A brilliant and absorbing YA ‘whodunnit’ that will keep you guessing.

5 triangle

she said three said

A tense read where you deliberate with the jury and get to see the events on trial through the characters, a book that will have you gripped until the end.

4 triangle

More Than A Mum

An entertaining and genuine look at relationships and secrets and the toll they take.

4 triangle

From Thailand Cover

A romance packed with action and adventure in an exotic setting.

4.5 triangle

March’s Reads

the other mrs

A tense and chilling psychological thriller, a little implausible but still entertaining.

3.5 triangle

bone criers moon

An amazing YA fantasy that feels very original and kept me gripped from the first page, I am excited for the next book.

5 triangle

Unleash You

The fourth book in a romance series, this one had a lot of unexpected action but was maybe a little let down on the build-up of the relationship.

3.5 triangle

miss austen

A wonderful book about Cassandra Austen, exploring her life as the other Austen sister and the relationship between her and Jane.

4 triangle

the prized girl

A slow-burn psychological thriller that to me felt more like an intense character study that built to a sinister conclusion.

3.5 triangle

all your twisted secrets

A tense locked room YA with an interesting bunch of characters that will keep you hooked until the end.

4 triangle

book cver

The second book in the system divine series and a brilliant continuation of the Les Mis retelling, an amazingly original and exciting take.

4 triangle

I also was involved in cover reveal’s for two books that I am so looking forward to this year, The Cauldron of Life and Daisy on the Outer Line.

Whilst we are all stuck in isolation with lots of time to read does anyone have any amazing books they’ve been reading lately?


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