The 100 day project

I’m not always good at admitting my failings but since there’s something to be learned from them I don’t mind sharing this one. So you may or may not be aware this year I took part in the 100 day project, I started out pretty well and I was really enjoying it (you can see the first two updates here: one two) however…I began to waver and then gave up completely.

I know there were others that did the project that missed days here and there and then just continued, even after the challenge was finished. Still, for me, having to deal with moving house and then going on holiday just wasn’t condusive to making some origami creations every day. It got to a point that I’d fallen so far behind that I knew I’d be doing it until the end of the year, so I admitted defeat.

Here are the rest of the days that I managed:

goldfishA Goldfish. Day 29/100
diamondA Diamond. Day 30/100
umbrellaA Yellow Umbrella. Day 31/100
b-letter-1              b-letter-2              A Letter/A Bamboo Letterfold. Day 32/100
starA Five Pointed Star. Day 33/100
cherry-blossomA Cherry Blossom. Day 34/100
star boxA Star Box. Day 35/100
sunfishA Sunfish. Day 36/100
teacupA Teacup. Day 37/100
pandaA Purple Panda. Day 38/100
fanA Fan. Day 39/100
hatA Simple Hat. Day 39/100
coasterA Coaster. Day 40/100
carA Simple Blue Car. Day 41/100
happi-coatA Happi Coat. Day 42/100
square foldA Square Letterfold. Day 43/100

I kind of wish I had at least made it to 50, 43 seems like an odd number to stop on, but thats just being pedantic. I think if I were to attempt this challenge again next year there are a few pointers that I would give myself:

  1. Pick something that will be fairly easy to do, that you can actually do in 5-10 minutes, because some of these were easy and quick to do but for someone who had never attempted origami before some of them were quite time consuming.
  2. I think organise what I am going to post for the next week in advance so that I’m not trying to think of ideas and then create and photograph on the same day.
  3. Don’t give up!! Even if you have to keep going long after everyone else has finished.

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