everywhere in September

Can’t believe that we are into the autumn months, how quickly it all goes by.

For this month’s IWSG post I am talking about publishing paths.

I posted my results for the 20 books of summer challenge, not as many books as I would have liked and not many from the original pick.

Only one flash fiction piece this month.

Five things you don’t know about the book Eight Goodbyes from author Christine Brae.

Author Gene Desrochers talks about unanswered questions in novels on the tour for Dark Paradise.

Some TBR fun with meme My Blog’s Name In Books.

Trying to tackle some more of my Goodreads TBR with Down the TBR hole.

Chris Parker talking about why the story needs telling on the tour for Faith.

Books Reviewed

finding felix


Finding Felix

A delightful and entertaining romance, highly recommended.

5 triangle


whistle in the dark


Whistle In The Dark

An interesting book but let down for me by a misleading blurb.

3.5 triangle


after he died


After He Died

A slow burn mystery with intriguing characters and amazing writing.

4.5 triangle



Criminal Misdeeds

A light-hearted murder mystery with lots of characters and humour that I didn’t seem to get.

3 triangle


the tainted vintage


The Tainted Vintage

A pleasantly surprising slow burn mystery.

3.5 triangle


dear mr pop star


Dear Mr Pop Star

An entertaining laugh out loud book, perfect if you love music or just love a laugh.

4 triangle




Mrs Bates Of Highbury

A wonderful Austen inspired novel with characters that I loved getting to return to.

5 triangle


bound by hatred


Bound By Hatred

The third book in this steamy mafia series, still as entertaining.

4.5 triangle


secrets in our scars


Secrets In Our Scars

It was entertaining and I enjoyed reading it but there was a lot about it that would usually put me off.

3.5 triangle


Coming up…


—————Ttelling—–death-by-the-River-by-alexandrea-weis-and-lucas-astor-cover—–The River Runs Red cover



2 thoughts on “everywhere in September”

  1. It seems like you had a good reading month, at least nothing less than 3 stars. I hope that October will bring even more wonderful books your way. Happy reading and have a wonderful month 🙂

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