books beginning with w.i.n.t.e.r

I was moseying through some blogs the other day and came across this book tag on the Secret Library Book Blog; originally created by Bibliobeth; and thought it was a great idea.

Since winter, to me, always feels like a time for reflection, I decided instead of going through my TBR pile to find the books that I would instead have a look at the ones I have already read. I should mention that, as ever, I am ignoring any the’s at the start of the titles. Here are my picks…


what kitty did next

I loved getting to dive back into the world that Austen created in Pride and Prejudice. It felt like the perfect continuation of the original story and whilst I was pleased that I got to check in with Lizzy and Jane, I was glad that it was Kitty that was the focus. This was one of my top ten books of 2018.

Review | Goodreads


It's a Wonderful Night-large

Jaimie Admans is one of my go-to authors, I usually really enjoy every book of hers that I pick up. This one is no exception and it’s also based in the winter months so it couldn’t not be on the list. The festive feeling is strong in this one, so be prepared to be wishing for that December feeling and for cakes/coffee.

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nowhere girls

This book was phenomenal! It looks at rape culture and misogyny and whilst it has a message it’s not given to you in a preachy way. So good it made its way onto my top ten for 2017.

Review | Goodreads


The Things We Need to Say

Rachel Burton is another author that I can pick up and just know I am going to enjoy the book. This one though, it blew me away, I think I went through every emotion in this book. It was one of my top ten for 2018 and I would so recommend it but have some handy tissues around when reading.

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everything is lies

Psychological thrillers can be very hit or miss with me, but this one had the added bonus of characters that I was really interested in, so I found it very absorbing. Plus it was a dual timeline which I am a bit of a sucker for.

Review | Goodreads


raven boys

I am still to get around to picking up the next book in the series and it’s one that I definitely want to continue because there were a few things that were left unanswered in this book. I loved the magical realism and the characters but I’m hoping the next book has a better pace.

Review | Goodreads

So there you have it…have any of you done this tag?

I’m looking forward to revisiting it in spring.


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