20 books of summer 2020 results

Well my only goal for this year was to try and read more books than I did for the challenge last year but alas I didn’t make it. However whilst I didn’t reach that goal I did knock a few books off my Netgalley shelf and the challenge has got me out of a reading slump. I have really enjoyed getting back into reading and just going with the moment and picking a book that I wanted to read.

To that end I didn’t end up doing that many from my original list, at the end of May I had put together a TBR of the following books…

I only ended up reading one of the books from this original TBR…

The Demon World by Sally Green

Instead I ended up reading…

Ever Cursed by Corey Ann Haydu

Idle Hands by Cassandra Windwalker

The Storyteller’s Daughter by Victoria McCombs

The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard

Eight Detectives by Alex Pavesi

The Blood King by Abigail Owen

Mythopedia by Good Wives and Warriors

Well that is it for another year, I think next year will be the year I break the 10 barrier…hopefully…until then, happy reading!

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