everywhere in August

It’s been a busy wee month, I actually can’t believe it’s over, it’s all starting to feel too quick. I am happy to say though that I have been really enjoying reading this month, I think the virtual Edinburgh Book Festival helped with that and I’m looking forward to my first experience of Bloody Scotland this coming month. For the first time this year I am one book ahead on my Goodreads challenge which means maybe I’ll complete one challenge this year, which is good because I didn’t manage to meet my goal on my 20 books of summer challenge. Here is what I have been reading this month…

A surprising enemies to lovers supernatural romance with a lot of unexpected action.

An amazing and captivating thriller, a serial killer and a survivor, just read it, it’s brilliant.

An important and inspiring collection of essays and illustrations about our relationship to our bodies.

A very original murder mystery style book, that was entertaining if sometimes confusing.

Another must read book from this month, this one gave me all the squishy feelings, it is a joyful story with wonderful characters.

Second book in the series, with an element of enemies to lovers and a lot of action, very enjoyable.

A beautifully illustrated book of mythical beasts with some very interesting creatures from all over the world.

Second book in the series and it was very enjoyable, a romance with a lot of action and suspense.

Second book in the series, a bit slow to start but then it gets really exciting and what an ending…

I also took part in a cover reveal for Siren Song by Rebecca McKinney, an excerpt from Little Falls by Elizabeth Lewes, an interview from author N.R. Baker about her new book 10:59, and a book blitz for Familiar by T.J. Blake. As well as my wrap up post for my 20 books of summer 2020 challenge.

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