everywhere in February

What a busy little month I have been having and loving it, of course. I’m really glad to be back in a routine for blogging and I’ve managed not to feel the pressure that I was putting on myself last year, I think switching things up a bit and doing some more creative things has really helped. So here is what has been going on in my little slice of the world…

I managed to get myself back into the swing of writing again, after a bit of a break from it, with the Twittering Tales challenge – to tell a story in 280 characters or less. My contributions this month were…It starts with one word, sweethearts, it’s all fun and games, and dreamland.

For this month’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group post I was talking about my creative endeavours and how that has been affecting my writing.

I joined in on the #writephoto challenge – which is to write in any style you want and as many words as you want about the photo provided. My contributions this month were…swords play, almost perfect, and broken stone.

A book promo for Hunter’s Chase and a Q&A for Hunter’s Revenge both by Val Penny.

I had some fun with the book tag books beginning with w.i.n.t.e.r

Tried to cut down my TBR, even though the number seems to be going up rather than down, with bookish meme down the TBR hole.

Decided to join in on Top 5 Wednesday talking about fictional places I’d take a date.

Books Reviewed

I managed to read a lot of books this month, surprisingly, as ever you can click on the cover to go to the full review.

I actually started my Retellings Reading Challenge, managed to fill two spots on my bingo card!



A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Absolutely loved this book, amazing retelling of Beauty and the Beast, total cliffhanger ending has me desperate for the next book already.

5 triangle


girl meets boy


Girl Meets Boy

A short retelling of the story of Iphis, I have a great love for Ali Smith and this one didn’t let me down.

4.5 triangle


Here are the rest of the books that I read this month, I have somehow managed to be six books ahead of schedule for my Goodreads challenge!

drumbeats (new)



First book in the Drumbeats Trilogy, had a few ups and downs with this one but a lovely setting and still left me curious for more.

3.5 triangle




Walking in the Rain

Second book in the Drumbeats Trilogy, this one made me angry but in a good way and made me anxious for the conclusion.

3.5 triangle


what happens in france


What Happens in France

Loved this book, funny and light-hearted but still full of emotion, highly recommended.

5 triangle





Finding Jess

Third and final book in the Drumbeats Trilogy, a nice end to the series, I was left with a hopeful feeling.

3.5 triangle


TheSecretToFallingInLove_V2 copy



The Secret to Falling in Love

A lovely and enjoyable light-hearted romance book with a lot of humour.

4 triangle





A very character focused YA mystery, that had me glued to its pages. Also the cover is super pretty.

4 triangle


just for clicks



Just For Clicks

A YA debut about the impact of blogging and social media, good but missed out on some of its potential.

4 triangle


An Impossible Thing Called Love Cover


An Impossible Thing Called Love

A sweet second chance romance with fun and wonderful characters.

4 triangle


Coming Up…

—————beauty of the wolf—–where no shadows fall—–beware the night



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