everywhere in April

I thought this month would be calmer but no such luck, the workplace move was still chaotic for the first few weeks and then my traveller returned which meant that I’ve not been paying as much attention to my little space as I have been previously and as I suspected I didn’t get round to a lot of the things I wanted to but there was still a lot going on.

A guest post from author Virginia Heath introducing one of the characters from her latest book The Disgraceful Lord Gray.

There were some great twittering tales prompts this month, my entries were: confessions, adventure, museum of history, new world & lost love

My A to Z entries were few and far between this year but the ones I managed were:

Alice, Basil, Cruella, Doc, Eugene & Flora, Fauna & Merryweather 

An author interview with Moira McPartlin on the tour for her book Ways of the Doomed.

I was discussing my lack of time and my efforts on the A to Z challenge for this month’s insecure writer’s support group post.

A guest post from author Moira McPartlin about her favourite character to write on the tour for Wants of the Silent.

A guest post from author Vanda Symon sharing what she does when she isn’t writing on the tour for The Ringmaster.

An excerpt from Through the White Wood.

A guest post from author Malia Zaidi on the challenges of writing a series on the tour for The Golden Hour.

An excerpt from the third book in the Sun Song Trilogy, Star of Hope.

A spotlight on Suddenly Single by Carol Wyer.

A guest post from author Neil Lancaster on how his debut booked turned from a procedural to a thriller.

I listed my top rainy day books for top 5 Wednesday.

An excerpt from The Devil’s Own by K.A Fox.

Book Reviewed

I have been very lax at updating Goodreads so I don’t know where I am in my challenge but I’m pretty sure I’m still ahead, also I haven’t done any more reading for my retellings challenge so I’ll need to tackle more of that next month.

vintage carousel


The Little Vintage Carousel By the Sea

I didn’t manage to finish the book in time and I still haven’t got round to finishing it so I don’t have a rating for this one, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I read.


neighbourhood of true


In the Neighborhood of True

A witty and very relevant book about religion, race and identity.

4 triangle




The Stars In Her Eyes

A steamy romance with plenty of drama and fun characters.

3.5 triangle


Call Me Star Girl Cover


Call Me Star Girl

This one is a thrilling and emotional rollercoaster, that was on my mind and ruling my emotions for days after reading.

4.5 triangle


all we could have been

All We Could Have Been

A captivating story focusing on the aftermath of a tragic event and how to rebuild your life when you are still trying to figure yourself out.

4.5 triangle


the worth of a penny Cover

The Worth of a Penny

A sweet romance with a good amount of tension, I didn’t 100% gel with one character so it lacked a little something for me.

3.5 triangle


The Sins of the Sire

The Sins of the Sire

A surprising and dark historical romance that was a bit harsh at times but kept me turning the pages.

3.5 triangle


Coming Up…

—————the peacock room—–sonny and me—–Breakers Final Cover


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