everywhere in May

This month has kind of thrown a lot of things into perspective for me and I’ve realised that somehow I have totally failed at one of my goals for this year which was to not put too much pressure on myself. There have been a few changes with work and I’ve found I’m just so much busier and trying to squeeze in time for blogging is getting more and more difficult. Things were getting so ridiculous that I ended up writing ten confessions of a terrible book blogger as a result.

So I am pulling off the road well travelled and taking the country scenic route, it’s not a hiatus or a break, just a sporadic rest to get back into reading and so that I don’t feel the pressure that has been making me feel guilty and I’m hoping that it will give me time to check out more stuff from other bloggers too. I’ll still be doing tour stuff that I have signed up for but hopefully/eventually I’ll be doing more reviews and writing and feeling less stress.

Anyway, enough of that let’s look at what happened in my little slice of the world in May.

I started off the month with my Insecure Writers Support Group post all about me being a bit of a failure.

I had excerpts from some pretty cool books…

Heaven’s Edge by Jennifer Silverwood

Down to the Sea by Sue Lawrence

The Peacock Room by Merryn Corcoran

Pink Ice Creams by Jo Woolaston

I did a few more entries in the twittering tales challenge: storms ahead & heat

A guest post on the tour for Thread of Hope about the characters in the book.

A guest post on the tour for Deposing Nathan on whether natural talent in writing is all you need.

A guest post on the tour for Seize featuring the authors top ten movies in the same genre as their book.

A cover reveal for the latest book from Martin Gore The Road To Cromer Pier.

A guest post on the tour for A Soul Reclaimed giving a little insight into the author.

A guest post on the tour for Bright Burning Stars featuring an excerpt that didn’t make it into the book.

A guest post on the tour for Beltane Bliss about writing distractions.

It’s worth mentioning again that I let loose my deepest darkest confessions in my post ten confessions of a terrible book blogger.

A guest post on the tour for Two Like Me and You letting us know the inspiration behind the book.

Even though I’m going to be quietening down a little I’m still signing up for the 20 books of summer challenge because it is all about the books.

Books Reviewed

Goodreads tells me I am currently 9 books ahead of schedule for my reading challenge which is good, I didn’t manage to read any books for my retellings challenge which makes me sad, but I have read some pretty darn good books this month.



Dear Jane

A bittersweet book since it’s the end of an amazing series but so nice to get this last story.

5 triangle


and every word is true


And Every Word Is True

An exceptionally interesting true crime book about the Clutter murders which were the basis for Capote’s book In Cold Blood.

4 triangle


The Whisperers Cover


The Whisperers of Evernow

A brilliant YA fantasy with a very clever plot, looking forward to the next book in the series.

5 triangle





An excellent psychological thriller that had a great subject matter and perspective, just top notch.

5 triangle


sonny and me


Sonny and Me

Definitely a favourite for this year, brilliant plot, fantastic characters and full of humour.

5 triangle


Breakers Final Cover



A dark, gritty and absorbing book with an intense story.

4 triangle


Worst Case Scenario Cover


Worst Case Scenario

A manic, mile a minute and original book that kept me on my toes.

4 triangle




Edie Browne’s Cottage By The Sea

A surprising, emotional and inspirational book, that is full of great characters.


Coming Up…

—————the dinner in the sky cover—–BeyondReasonableDoubt_HB—–To the stars and back Cover


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