everywhere in March

This month has felt like a whirlwind I’ve had so much going on, not so good for reviews but a lot of variety nonetheless.

We started off the month with a guest post on the tour for 37 Hours by J.F Kirwan on writing what you don’t know.

My post for Insecure Writer’s Support Group about reaching goals.

A guest post on the tour for Tell No Lies by Lisa Hartley on writing a series.

The end of my 100 day project, even though it is really late but just in time for the start of the next one.

I continued trying to cut down my TBR with Down the TBR hole, it’s slow going but hopefully, I’ll keep making a dent.

I revealed my theme for next months A to Z challenge which is going to be Hipstamatic.

I hosted an excerpt from Five Fathers by Kate Morgan.

I rounded off the month with a guest post on the Ouroboros tour where I found out the authors top ten fantasy books.

Books Reviewed

I am still up on my Goodreads challenge by 11 books so I am told which is unusual.

the truth about alice


The Truth About Alice

Exploring rumours, gossip and stereotypes this is an interesting and fast-paced read.

4 triangle


bring me back


Bring Me Back

An intense psychological thriller that had me guessing until the end.

4 triangle


book cover


Reclaiming Shilo Snow

An emotional sci-fi read with some strong themes.

4 triangle




Tainted Rose

Book two in a series, that just didn’t live up to what I would have expected.

3 triangle


the big event


The Big Event

A short but sweet light-hearted read that will give you a giggle.

4 triangle


book cover


A character driven story set in the beautiful New Zealand which gave me an uplifting feeling.

4 triangle


the little wedding island


The Little Wedding Island

A fun romance with lots of humour and perfect if you are a fan of weddings.

4.5 triangle




Sweet Home Summer

Another light-hearted book with lovely characters that deals with relationships.

4 triangle


Coming Up…

—————bound to you—–the man on the middle floor—–this fragile life


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