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2019 has been an odd year, I have to admit that I have struggled to find a good balance this year. For the first half of the year I was putting too much pressure on myself to be posting on time and trying to balance this space with my outside life and in the latter half of the year lots of things started happening in my outside life that ended up taking up all my time, lots of big family birthdays, I bought myself a flat and found out that I was going to be an auntie ❤️ So things have been a bit mental but in the best way, although I did start to miss my little community and chatting about books, so I’m back and hopefully this year I’ll find a good balance. Before I start to think about my goals for this year, here’s a little look back on last year…

goodreads 2019

goodreads 1 2019

goodreads 2 2019

So I only just managed my Goodreads challenge this year, because I kind of got very lazy about updating it and there were a few other challenges that I had set myself that I have completely neglected but I, of course, have more than 10 favourites in my list for this year. It’s always so hard to cut it down but I quite like the challenge so in no particular order…

——————–stone of destiny———-sonny and me

——————–thousand doors———-curse

——————–six stories———-circe


——————–what happens in france———-a gathering of shadows

Now that I am looking forward to the year ahead the one thing that I have in mind for a goal for this year is Netgalley, I really need to sort myself out when it comes to that site. I am determined to get to do better this year because I keep promising myself that I will and then it never happens, but I need to try and hold myself accountable. So my main goal reading wise for this year is to get over 60% on my feedback ratio, I have a lot of great books waiting to be read and I think I’ve just made it too much of a pressure thing.

Anyone got any reading goals for the year ahead?





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