everywhere in June

It’s July, when did that happen, so last month I said I was going to take a step back but I hadn’t realised that I had booked myself up as much as I had, so it was still fairly busy around this little space. July is looking nice and open, so I’m hoping to be doing more reading without any pressure. This is what I had happening…

A guest post on the tour for The Jumble Sale from author Lily Rose about the inspiration behind her book.

An excerpt from MBA by Douglas Board.

I had my post for the insecure writer’s support group.

A guest post on the tour for Dead is Beautiful from author Jo Perry giving us a little more information about one of the main characters of the series.

A guest post on the tour for In Her Words from author J.S. Ellis discussing location and its importance.

A guest post on the tour for Birdie & Jude from author Phyllis H. Moore about the inspiration behind her book.

A guest post on the tour for The Desire Card from author Lee Matthew about the art of pacing in thrillers.

A guest video on the tour for Space Dragons from author Robin Bennett of an interview with Barry Cunningham.

An excerpt from Solstice Sizzle by Lilliana Rose.

An interview with author Derek Farrell on the blog tour for Death of an Angel.

Books Reviewed

Goodreads tells me I am 8 books ahead of schedule which is aces and whilst I haven’t read any of the books for my 20 Books of Summer challenge I did manage a few for my Retellings Reading Challenge and managed to fill another two spots on my bingo card.



Skies of Olympus

Full of action and intrigue and a very interesting storyline, this Greek mythology retelling is well worth a read, I’m excited for the next set of stories.

5 triangle


strange case of the alchemists daughter


The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter

An interesting story with a twist on well-known characters that fell a little flat for me.

3.5 triangle


This is the rest of the books that I have been reading through June.

the dinner in the sky cover


The Dinner in the Sky

Another instalment in the series it was fun to catch up with the characters but the longer story style got a little waffley.

3 triangle



The Controller

A gripping crime book that thrusts you into the action and has you questioning everyone.

4 triangle



Beyond Reasonable Doubt

A book that I managed to finish in a few hours with a very captivating protagonist and clever storyline.

4.5 triangle


To the stars and back Cover


To the Stars and Back

A great romance book with lovely characters, perfect for some beach reading.

5 triangle


our little secrets

Our Little Secrets

The latest book in the Grace Macallan series, could have used a little more of Grace in the book but still as absorbing as the rest of the series.

4 triangle


Coming Up…

—————ellie rook cover—–the reunion—–within ash and stardust


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