everywhere in March

This month has been chaotic, moving premises with work has been a lot more hassle than expected and at the same time I’ve had a bit of upheaval in my family life so I have been a little bit all over the place. I wish that next month was going to be more chilled but it’s not, I feel like I’ve set myself up for failure because I’m taking part in the A to Z challenge and the 100 day project…eek. Before I get too ahead of myself, here is a little look at what has been going on in my little space over the last month.

I hosted a guest post from author J.M. Sullivan about some of the hidden surprises in her book.

Talking about POV for this month’s insecure writer’s support group.

Continued with the Twittering Tales challenge, my entries this month were: killer, lucky night,  on guard and beacon.

A guest post from author Nick Louth about the origins of his latest book Trapped.

A guest post from author Tina LeCount Myers about the books that have inspired her.

I tried to cut down on my list of books with Down the TBR hole.

A cover reveal for book The Greenmen.

I let everyone in on what I’m planning to for this years A to Z challenge in the theme reveal.

Genevieve Iseult Eldredge talks about her characters in a guest post for her book Rekindled.

I had a giggle at this funny guest post from Joan Livingston about some of the characters in her latest book, Checking The Traps.

Books Reviewed

Eleven books, that definitely must be a record for me, I have no idea how I fit all those books in. I managed another three books toward my Retellings Reading Challenge

beauty of the wolf


The Beauty of the Wolf

Fascinating concept and themes but let down a little in execution.

3.5 triangle


book cover


Sky Without Stars

A brilliant retelling of Les Misérables, the first book of a promising series.

4 triangle





I loved this book! With enchanting writing and an interestingly flawed character, highly recommended.

5 triangle


I also read some other great books this month…

falling hard


Falling Hard

An entertaining second chance romance with a lot of chemistry.

4 triangle


where no shadows fall


Where No Shadows Fall

Next book in the Grace Macallan series with the same high-octane tension as the previous books.

4.5 triangle


the waking forest


The Waking Forest

A complex and chilling tale that was a bit too rushed in the second half.

3.5 triangle


silver moon storybook

The Silver Moon Storybook

A lovely collection of fairytales that are more relevant to modern life.

4 triangle


beware the night


Beware the Night

There were maybe a few things that left some holes but I really enjoyed reading this.

4 triangle


The Courier aw.indd


The Courier

A slow burn mystery with a high stakes atmosphere set during wartime.

3.5 triangle


The Pieces of You and Me


The Pieces of You and Me

A lovely second chance romance from one of my go-to authors.

4 triangle





A dark and suspenseful story with voodoo and a master manipulator.

4 triangle


Coming Up…


—————neighbourhood of true—–Call Me Star Girl Cover—–suddenly single



1 thought on “everywhere in March”

  1. Kate, I literally want to read everything that you’re reading! Congrats on getting more books on your challenge. You’re doing so well. I only have 3 so far.

    Hope April simmers down for you a bit. Good luck, friend. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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