Six in Six

I have seen this on a few blogs recently and thought it would be fun to join in. It is a meme created by Jo @ The Book Jotter and the idea is to take a look at the books you’ve read over the last six months and share 6 books in 6 categories.

Six new authors to me

—————needle song—–Faultlines final Cover aw_preview (1)—–everything is lies

—————Cover—–Soulweaver—–the smoke thieves

Six authors I have read before

—————66 metres—–BG—–evidence of death

—————the little wedding island—–prosecco—–The Things We Need to Say

Six authors I am looking forward to reading more of

—————girl in the tower—–hazel wood—–faking friends

—————Frost—–The Things We Need to Say—–man who didn't call

Six books I have enjoyed the most

—————man who didn't call—–bad girl—–what kitty did next

—————amid stars—–The Things We Need to Say—–girl in the tower

Six books I was disappointed with

—————dark wish—–EoM—–hiding

—————Adobe Photoshop PDF—–never go there—–TR

Six book covers I love

—————nineveh—–shadow and bone—–amid stars

—————hazel wood—–Separated from the sea Cover—–book cover

I’m glad I did this, I had kind of forgotten how many great books I’ve read this year. Have you done six in six?


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